Butler Style Appetizers:

$85.00 for 100 pieces

  • Breaded Shrimp w/Cocktail Sauce
  • Mini Meatballs w/Barbeque Sauce
  • Breaded Mushrooms w/Ranch Dressing
  • Buffalo Wings w/Blue Cheese
  • Mini Crab Salad Sandwiches


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  • Vegetable and Dip Tray
  • Cheese and Crackers Tray
  • Fruit Tray
  • Assorted Meat and Cheese Tray:

Galaretka, Kabanos, Ogorki, Grzybki marynowane, Pita kanapki i ser


Appetizer Table/ Szwedzki Stol

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  • Meat and Cheese Tray
  • Vegetable and Dip Tray
  • Veggie Pizza
  • Marinated Mozzarella Balls w/Tomato & Basil
  • Prosciutto Wrap in Goat Cheese
  • Chicken Rolls in Jelly
  • Bread Rolls w/Ham & Cheese
  • Eggs w/Tartar Sauce
  • Chicken in Gelatin cups
  • Egg &  Ham in Gelatin Cups
  • Herring Roll w/Onion &Carrots
  • Salmon Wrap in Cheese
  • Crab Salad in Filo cups
  • Fish Salad Bowl
  • Vegetable Salad w/Bread
  • Mushroom Salad Bowl
  • Shrimp w/cocktail Sauce
  • Tray of Pickles, Marinated Mushrooms, Sausage and Ham



Prices subject to change without notice